San Francisco Sourdough

by booberriepie



This seems like a good place to start, so let’s start with the starter. Dad gave me a cookbook called “Mastering Fermentation” (check it out here) which has resulted in many fun adventures and mason jars full of weird smelling stuff all around the apartment. One such jar is the jar full of sour dough starter, which is pretty cool because it makes use of the wild yeast that’s all around, and when properly handled can last for years and be passed down to future generations. It takes about the same level of maintenance as a goldfish, but is tastier and we haven’t named it.

Anyway, we’ve experimented with lots of bread recipes now that this starter is lying around, none of which have been either amazing or terrible. Underwhelming, I know. The point is, practice makes perfect and some day we’ll make something truly fabulous and put it here and say “Look how far we’ve come!”

Until then, this is a pretty good breakfast:


Recipe from here but I didn’t totally follow the directions. Whoops.