The “Garden”

by booberriepie

Upon moving to California, the thing I was most amazed by is that you see food growing all around you. People have orange trees in their front yards. I can’t explain why, but I think it’s amazing. It’s a little like in college when I would see rabbits casually hopping around campus. I never adjusted to the fact that it was totally normal to see them–instead, whenever I saw one I would think “Oh my god, a little BUNNY! WOW!”

And now it’s “Oh my god, ORANGES! I want them!”

Every single time.

However, I am not guaranteed to be anywhere for more than a year or so, and I have minimal plant skills. Having my own front yard orchard seems pretty far off. But, we did decide to make use of the empty pots strewn around the concrete back yard for some less ambitious plants: sage, strawberries, rosemary, chives, carrots, and lettuce.

Kristen with plants

Kristen the roomie carries the plants back home

Then, about a week ago, while watering the plants, I noticed something very exciting…a baby strawberry!



And yesterday, we decided it was time to harvest. I googled “how to tell if strawberries are ready to pick”. It looked like this:


It was delicious.

Stay tuned for when we finally have enough lettuce to make 1/8th of a salad.