Yeah, I can

by booberriepie

You know what’s awesome for the upcoming holidays? Canning. You can give everyone the same present and no one will complain because who doesn’t want homemade jam? Or pickles? Or chutney? Or marmalade?

Anyway, my roommate and I have embarked on a pre-holiday can-everything spree, so get ready to see a lot canned stuff up here. This past weekend we made red-wine pickled beets and grapefruit marmalade.

cans yograpefruit marmaladeThe beets are fantastic, we’ve made them before. They’re sour and sweet and herby and salty and boozy and the most brilliant magenta. I imagine they would be good in salads, on cheese plates, or in sandwiches — but I have no idea because I just stand over the sink and eat them straight from the jar. Real talk. The grapefruit marmalade is sweet (uh, like 3lbs of sugar in the recipe sweet) but with the pronounced bitterness that should be expected from any good marmalade. Give it to your favorite pirate and keep them scurvy-free.

The beets are from The Preservation Kitchen by Paul Virant and we found the marmalade by googling “marmalade recipe” (shocker!) and stumbling upon this lovely blog, which may become a new favorite!