Lemon Pie (Shake it Off)

by booberriepie

Hey, it’s been a while huh?

I have been cooking, but I’ve also been taking even worse photos then normal, so it’s been a bit harder to share. However, I made a lil’ Shaker Lemon Pie for Christmas Eve that I thought I would share:


See the little car on the right? My grandma brought them for us to all play with at the table during dinner. Yes, we are all technically adults. I’m thankful for a family with an appreciation for good food and good laughs!

This pie uses whole lemons, so the filling ends up somewhere between a curd and a marmalade. The whole situation is a study in contrast: sour lemon, bitter and chewy pith, buttery and flaky crust, and smooth whipped cream. I found it slightly too sour, but I think with Meyer lemons it could be something close to perfect…and guess who just got a Meyer lemon tree to put in her backyard?!

Anyway, the recipe is from my favorite standby, the Tartine cookbook — I highly recommend it!