The Log

by booberriepie

I’ve been eyeing the Bûche de Noël recipe in Tartine for about 5 years. A friend and I decided the best occasion for this traditional French Christmas dessert would be an arbitrary weekend in the middle of July.

The recipe has about a hundo steps including making tiny meringue mushrooms, pistachio moss, dark chocolate almond bark, and an awesome espresso buttercream. We went the extra mile and also added candied edible flowers.

Log times

Making the mushrooms was both the most fun and the most time consuming — they took about 3 hours to bake! But aren’t they the cutest?

lil mushroom friends

in natureThe whole baking process took about 10 hours, involved a lot of drinking espresso and sneaking spoonfuls of the espresso buttercream, and was an absolute blast. We did it mostly for the experience, but it turned out to be an amazingly delicious cake as well — chocolatey and rich, but somehow fluffy at the same time.

However, this cake hides a dark secret — before all of the decorations, it was the most unfortunate looking dessert I have ever seen. Please observe.

ugly cake

Ugly duckling —> swan.